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What is an Ad Unit? | Complete Guide For Publishers

If you’ve focused your eyeballs on the internet, you’ve likely encountered advertisements in various forms. These advertisements are smartly and strategically fitted on different websites, social networking sites and apps to attract your attention and promote the products. This gives advantage to the advertisers to reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently. From social […]

Google Ad Manager Inventory Forecasting – Overview of DFP / Google Ad Manager

A) DFP / Google Ad Manager – An Overview What is DFP or Google Ad Manager? DFP Small Business, Now – it is known as Google Ad Manager, is a free As publishing server from google, is best suited for smaller to growing publishers. How do you qualify for a Google Ad Manager? To qualify […]

Google Ad Manager Ad units Basics, Placements creation and GPT Generation

Ad unit Google Ad Manager Ad unit defines the inventory in DFP / Google Ad Manager. Creation of Ad units are essential in Google Ad Manager to target the website Ad slots by means of integrating Google Publisher Tags (GPT) with Website Ad slots. 1. A) Ad unit Creation                 […]

Line Item setup Basics Google Ad Manager – DFP

We already covered in detail , How to setup line items in Google Ad Manager. Today lets dig deep further, on some of the options we get when creating line items in Google ad Manager and what they really mean. Delivery & Targeting settings in Line Item level 1.Significance of Line Item Delivery Under this […]

How to setup New Order and Line Items in GAM

A) NEW ORDER SET UP For each individual Advertiser, We should create a new Order in Google Ad Manager Ad server. In order to create an Order, Select Delivery from the left hand side Main Menu and click over NEW ORDER Give input Name of the Ad campaign and Add Advertiser in required fields You […]


Affiliate Program by Ad Energizer

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Affiliate Program! This program will help us expand our reach and promote services to a wider audience. By partnering with affiliates, we can tap into their networks and reach new customers. Here is how it works: Our affiliates will earn a 10% commission on clients […]

Yield Optimization For Publishers in Google Ad Manager

Welcome to yield optimization by Ad Energizer. You’ve done your research, read blogs after blogs, articles after articles, you may even be an experienced Adops optimizer, but even if you’re not, for sure this can add insight to your optimization strategies. We have collected all the best practices and experience-based optimizations that worked best with […]

How Appnexus CEO explains Header Bidding

In today’s Online Advertisement , Header Bidding is the newest hot topic, yet some publishers don’t understand how header bidding can help increase their revenue. Therefore someone asked on quora, How would you explain header bidding to kid. That was an interesting question and appnexus CEO Brian O’Kelley gave a beautiful answer to that. So here it […]

Mundo Hispano chooses Ad Energizer for Ad Ops collaboration

As you may already know that famous Latino Newspaper and Website  Mundo Hispanico was sold by Cox Media Group to  Mundo Hispano Digital Network (MHDN), a tech-focused media company created to serve the growth and needs of the US Latino community through its digital and written content, publishing reach and social media network. Rene Alegria , […]

5 Best 2015 Ad Networks

If you are one of those who owns a blog or a website, then chances are great that you can make some good income aside from the traditional methods. The specific thing I am talking about is to monetize your blog/website and turn it into a cash generating machine by placing simple ads on your […]

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