Ads and Leads

This was a unique opportunity for Ad Energizer to evaluate how advertisements effect form submission. There are quite a few websites how generate leads for customers or partners. We recently got contacted by a client for a task. The task was to set up Adsense on website and then evaluate how it effects leads. So […]

As you may already know that famous Latino Newspaper and Website  Mundo Hispanico was sold by Cox Media Group to  Mundo Hispano Digital Network (MHDN), a tech-focused media company created to serve the growth and needs of the US Latino community through its digital and written content, publishing reach and social media network. Rene Alegria , […]

A few days back I was attending a webinar by an Ad network and the speaker said, “If you are not using DFP as your Ad server believe me sooner or later you are going to shift so better switch to DFP now.“ So what Makes DFP the Best Ad Server ? Lets find it out. […]

Many people simply believe that increasing traffic of their website is enough to increase your ad revenue. You do Search Engine Optimization to increase traffic, that surely increases your revenue. However there is another Optimization we call,  Ad Optimization is a great way to increase your ad revenue from your existing traffic, here are some […]

Millions of people around the world start creating business and thinking ways how to gain profit. They use social media as a serving platform to introduce their services or products. Advertising a product/service is very important to gain edge in the fields. Double Click for publishers (DFP) formerly called Google dart is advertisement software that […]

5 Best 2015 Ad Networks

If you are one of those who owns a blog or a website, then chances are great that you can make some good income aside from the traditional methods. The specific thing I am talking about is to monetize your blog/website and turn it into a cash…