7 Ways to Improve your Ad Revenue Immediately

Many people simply believe that increasing traffic of their website is enough to increase your ad revenue. You do Search Engine Optimization to increase traffic, that surely increases your revenue. However there is another Optimization we call,  Ad Optimization is a great way to increase your ad revenue from your existing traffic, here are some techniques to optimize the ad revenue from your blog or website:

  1. Place ads Above The Fold :

Ads placed all over the website can’t be seen directly while opening any website. Ads in the prime spot have a great chance to be clicked. So, Place the ad above the fold to increase your ad revenue.

  1. Manage Ad size:

Using smaller ads have less chance of attracting visitors and being clicked. For AdSense, here are the sizes which work best:



-160*600 &


  1. Work with multiple ad networks:

Being dependent to a single ad network is not a good idea. Everyone knows how to choose best ad networks like trust-worthy, high paying, etc. So, choose some better ad networks and use them. While doing this, do not use Google AdSense to dynamically compete with those ad networks.


  1. Use AdSense for search:

There are many techniques offered by Google AdSense to optimize the ad revenue from any blog or website. In the same way, AdSense for search greatly helps to monetize and lets you offer custom search engine to your users. You can earn money when the users click to the relevant ads.

  1. Display Text and Image Ads together:

When you enable your ad agency to display both text and image ads together, there will be more number of ads which will compete to appear on your site. Enabling both text and image ads also increases CPM. So, in order to increase your ad revenue you should use both types of ads.

  1. Place Ads inside the posts:

When you place the ad inside content of your post, it’s sure to be viewed which results in increase of CPM of ad.  Add the ads whose color matches with the background of your website. Remember to maintain the space between content and ad not to violate AdSense policies.

  1. Increase your traffic:

Increasing your traffic is the most important task to increase your ad revenue. When rest of the ways are applied together with this point, you will get better results. Increment in unique visitors and increment in the number of page views leads to the increment in ad revenue.