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Yield Optimization For Publishers in Google Ad Manager

Welcome to yield optimization by Ad Energizer. You’ve done your research, read blogs after blogs, articles after articles, you may even be an experienced Adops optimizer, but even if you’re not, for sure this can add insight to your optimization strategies. We have collected all the best practices and experience-based optimizations that worked best with […]

How Appnexus CEO explains Header Bidding

In today’s Online Advertisement , Header Bidding is the newest hot topic, yet some publishers don’t understand how header bidding can help increase their revenue. Therefore someone asked on quora, How would you explain header bidding to kid. That was an interesting question and appnexus CEO Brian O’Kelley gave a beautiful answer to that. So here it […]

How ads affect your leads

This was a unique opportunity for Ad Energizer to evaluate how advertisements effect form submission. There are quite a few websites how generate leads for customers or partners. We recently got contacted by a client for a task. The task was to set up Adsense on website and then evaluate how it effects leads. So […]

5 Best 2015 Ad Networks

If you are one of those who owns a blog or a website, then chances are great that you can make some good income aside from the traditional methods. The specific thing I am talking about is to monetize your blog/website and turn it into a cash generating machine by placing simple ads on your […]