Five Reasons Why You Should Start Using DFP

Millions of people around the world start creating business and thinking ways how to gain profit. They use social media as a serving platform to introduce their services or products. Advertising a product/service is very important to gain edge in the fields. Double Click for publishers (DFP) formerly called Google dart is advertisement software that can be use as an ad server but it also provide a sophisticated features for managing the sales of a certain ads. It is also free that enables publishers to manage and run their ads quickly and hassle free.  DFP network is where you define your inventory and create, manage, and report on your advertising campaigns.

Those who are beginning to receive request from different advertisers who wants to buy ad space on your website should try using this software. Even you are a Small or big websites working with multiple advertisers and you need consistent way to handle and deliver ads DFP would be great for you also If you want to start and serving ads with limited time, need a control over when, where, and to whom your ads deliver. There is no cost when signing up using DFP if you serve less than 90 millions of ads.

DFP offers complete features that would be on your advantage and help you to easily sell ads directly to advertisers should you decide to use Double Clicking for Publishers.

Advance Feature- Advance feature such as streamlined ad trafficking, Inventory management, revenue optimization and granular reporting. tTrafficking your entire ad networks, apps, games, and different sites.

Create once- Unlike other advertisement code, you can create a line item and insert it to your theme. You don’t always need to create and bother yourself with different codes because it could be handled by DFP interface itself.

Advance forecasting-Forecasting to give you a better sense on how many impressions you will have to sell to your direct advertisers.

Revenue optimization-one of the best features of DFp it allows you to Geo-target your ads.  It allows Google ad sense and Google ad exchange to compete against other networks in real-time, so you’ll get the most revenue and to maximize your revenue.

Time Saver- DFP help manage your ads website that’s why it give you more revenue yet giving you less effort and spending less  time.