Why Enterprises choose us ?

We have a proven track record on upwork. Our training is rigorous and all staff is monitored by our CEO & Exectives during work. We have hourly pricing that is very competitive around market. This guarantees that enterprises can get best services in a cost effective manner.

Our Clients

Ad Energizer Started their agency solutions in Jan 2018. Currently we are working with 3 Agencies to manage their Ad Ops needs. 2 of the agencies are Google partners as Adx Resellers. 1 is a Adapter solution for header bidding. We keep data of our enterprise clients anonymous upon request.


  1. Publisher On Boarding
  2. Ad Ops Full Stack Services
  3. GAM (DFP) Setup
  4. Position Optimization and Layout Optimization themes
  5. Header bidding Setup
  6. Header Bidding Code Management
  7. Header Bidding Ad Ops Management
  8. Publisher and Advertiser Support Services


Brand Safety

Enterprise services are branded as you, So all of our services channel through you. Your brand safety is our foremost priority.

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