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How ads affect your leads

This was a unique opportunity for Ad Energizer to evaluate how advertisements effect form submission. There are quite a few websites how generate leads for customers or partners.

We recently got contacted by a client for a task. The task was to set up Adsense on website and then evaluate how it effects leads.

So we put 2 Below the Fold Adsense ad units on website. The Lead form was kept ATF as before the experiment. We set Google Analytics to get leads data as  Goal Conversions.

After collecting 6 months of data, we found that Goal Conversion decrease by 7% due to Ads on website.

The experiment was important with respect that BTF position had little impact on view ability of form. However in our view it decreased the credibility of website. So a user was less likely to trust the website with his personal information if the website was showing advertisement.

We further found that revenue generated by Adsense wasn’t enough to cover for the loss in revenue from leads. However for you it will depend on how much you generate per lead and a number of other factors.

So websites who earn their revenue from leads should consider these results very carefully. Although further data in this regard will help elaborate the situation further.


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