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What Makes DFP the Best Ad Server

A few days back I was attending a webinar by an Ad network and the speaker said,

“If you are not using DFP as your Ad server believe me sooner or later you are going to shift so better switch to DFP now.

So what Makes DFP the Best Ad Server ? Lets find it out.

Easy to Manage

One of the most distinguishing feature of DFP is that it is very easy to use. As DFP is popular so many people have made great tutorials on DFP trafficking. You can get a grip on basics of DFP in just one week. I will highly suggest that you should search on YouTube and do some basic tutorials on DFP Management.

Dynamic Allocation

This is a feature which gives DFP edge over many other Ad Servers.  Google Ad Exchange/ Adsense is a Big market place where many Large advertisers along with AdWords Advertisers bid for your inventory. Then the 2nd Highest Bid is chosen and presented to your inventory to compete with Other Ad Networks. For Publishers who don’t have Adx accounts, Adsense Dynamic Allocation is Higher Earnings to give you better results as compared to other ad Servers.

Targeting Options in DFP

DFP gives a lot of control for targeting your ads to specific users. In addition to targeting specific ad units you can target

  1. Geography,
  2. Device Specifications
  3. Connection
  4. Custom Targeting

Out of these four first 3 are very straight forward, while Custom Targeting requires some extra work to do before you can use it and each of the above categories have many options in them. See the screenshot below.

DFP Targeting Options

Efficient Delivery of Ads

Google runs DFP which means great services, The delivery of ads is more efficient as compared to any other Ad Server. There are no down times which is great for your revenues.

No Ugly Default

I have been working with other ad servers as well, and some of them are notorious to show ugly default ads. These affiliate links to Ad server itself pay almost nothing and yet if your Ad Ops is not smart enough with ad serving. They will ruin user experience for some visitors.

However with DFP this is not the case, If you have Adsense enabled as Dynamic Allocation. All unsold inventory will go to Adsense Giving you Additional Revenue. Even if you don’t want to show adsense on some ad units. The Ad unit div will simply collapse to make website elements in line. This gives a very good user experience as compared to empty spots.


Forecasting features of DFP are great in terms that it help you plan your ad sales very accurately. You can get forecast of delivery and then you can easily price your inventory depending on demand partners you have.

Excellent Reporting

Last year DFP did a massive upgrade to its reporting. The Upgrade has virtually changed the product. Now you can get customized reports via your own queries. You can same them for later use, share them with other teams. You can also deliver sales report to advertisers via E-mail.

In Summary There are some great features bundled together in DFP, I will Highly recommend you, start using DFP now  because eventually you will be using it.

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