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How Appnexus CEO explains Header Bidding

In today’s Online Advertisement , Header Bidding is the newest hot topic, yet some publishers don’t understand how header bidding can help increase their revenue. Therefore someone asked on quora, How would you explain header bidding to kid. That was an interesting question and appnexus CEO Brian O’Kelley gave a beautiful answer to that. So here it is how ceo of appnexus explains header bidding:

Hey kiddo, you know those ads you see sometimes? It seems like they just appear when you’re playing games or watching videos. What really happens is quite complex. Let me tell you the story of how Google used its monopolistic control of the publisher ad server to prevent fair and open access to ad inventory, and how a brave group of independent ad tech companies created an open source alternative called header bidding that put control back in the hands of publishers. No, come back, I swear this is interesting…

Brian O’Kelley CEO Appnexus,


That was an interesting answer, there was another one which caught our attention

Imagine you’re buying candy. And every time you give the shop keeper some money to get the candy, another kid behind the counter (probably the shop keeper’s son!) pays for the candy instead and takes it out of your hand. You get no candy.

Now imagine if you could jump over the counter and shove your money directly into the cash register, then bite open the candy bar before the shop keeper’s son had a chance to get in the way. That’s header bidding.

Ari Paparo, CEO Beeswax.com


So I decided to write my take on this question,

Hey kid you know Google had all the kids come at its door, so It got to know the choices of all kids and he gave them all kinds of candies only form the flavors it Had.

Then The warriors came to free the kids, they decided that each kid can go to any door they want to try the flavors others had.

Muhammad Waqar Akram CEO Ad Energizer


What is your take on this question? Share it with us or ponder over it with your team to have a change of mood.