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Yield Optimization For Publishers in Google Ad Manager

Welcome to yield optimization by Ad Energizer. You’ve done your research, read blogs after blogs, articles after articles, you may even be an experienced Adops optimizer, but even if you’re not, for sure this can add insight to your optimization strategies. We have collected all the best practices and experience-based optimizations that worked best with all our clients, for you to focus only on the important parts and save time.

Quick introduction, yield optimization is a technique experts use to help drive higher revenue from your ad inventory. Mainly with data analysis, we can determine which inventories generate the most revenue, and which do not. From there, we learn and understand the key factors in which drive optimal profit for your campaign.

Basing on the fundamental solutions, we will focus on the details to help you understand and set things up differently whilst ensuring a boost in revenue and a fresh way to energize your campaign. Read more