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Mundo Hispano chooses Ad Energizer for Ad Ops collaboration

As you may already know that famous Latino Newspaper and Website  Mundo Hispanico was sold by Cox Media Group to  Mundo Hispano Digital Network (MHDN), a tech-focused media company created to serve the growth and needs of the US Latino community through its digital and written content, publishing reach and social media network.

Rene Alegria , the Arizona native was named President and CEO of the Mundo Hispano Digital Network (MHDN). First Motion International has the responsibility for web development of this new acquisition. First Motion International interviewed Ad Energizer CEO Muhammad Waqar Akram for Ad Ops team of Mundo Hispanico.

Later Ad Energizer was hired on upwork for Prebid setup, DFP Optimization, Amazon A9 Set up and General Ad Ops.

In a press release Ad Energizer Muhammad Waqar Akram welcomes the new client:

We welcome Mundo Hispanico in AD Energizer Family. We will try to implement effective Ad Ops strategy developed in collaboration with First Motion International and Internal Ad Ops team of Mundo Hispanico. We will work together with Mundo Hispanico Ad Ops lead to create effective revenue streams from Both Direct and Programmatic Sources. 

Muhammad Waqar Akram CEO, Ad Energizer