Challenges Publishers are Facing in 2023

Web publishers are facing several challenges today. Some of these challenges include:

ūüć™Decreasing access to consumer data/cookies:

With the rise of privacy regulations and the phasing out of third-party cookies, web publishers find it more challenging to access consumer data. As the industry shifts away from third-party cookies, web publishers must choose and integrate new identity systems to continue reaching their target audience.

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How ads affect your leads

This was a unique opportunity for Ad Energizer to evaluate how advertisements effect form submission. There are quite a few websites how generate leads for customers or partners.

We recently got contacted by a client for a task. The task was to set up Adsense on website and then evaluate how it effects leads.

So we put 2 Below the Fold Adsense ad units on website. The Lead form was kept ATF as before the experiment. We set Google Analytics to get leads data as  Goal Conversions.

After collecting 6 months of data, we found that Goal Conversion decrease by 7% due to Ads on website.

The experiment was important with respect that BTF position had little impact on view ability of form. However in our view it decreased the credibility of website. So a user was less likely to trust the website with his personal information if the website was showing advertisement.

We further found that revenue generated by Adsense wasn’t enough to cover for the loss in revenue from leads. However for you it will depend on how much you generate per lead and a number of other factors.

So websites who earn their revenue from leads should consider these results very carefully. Although further data in this regard will help elaborate the situation further.


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Mundo Hispano chooses Ad Energizer for Ad Ops collaboration

As you may already know that famous Latino Newspaper and Website  Mundo Hispanico was sold by Cox Media Group to  Mundo Hispano Digital Network (MHDN), a tech-focused media company created to serve the growth and needs of the US Latino community through its digital and written content, publishing reach and social media network.

Rene Alegria , the Arizona native was named President and CEO of the Mundo Hispano Digital Network (MHDN). First Motion International has the responsibility for web development of this new acquisition. First Motion International interviewed Ad Energizer CEO Muhammad Waqar Akram for Ad Ops team of Mundo Hispanico.

Later Ad Energizer was hired on upwork for Prebid setup, DFP Optimization, Amazon A9 Set up and General Ad Ops.

In a press release Ad Energizer Muhammad Waqar Akram welcomes the new client:

We welcome Mundo Hispanico in AD Energizer Family. We will try to implement effective Ad Ops strategy developed in collaboration with First Motion International and Internal Ad Ops team of Mundo Hispanico. We will work together with Mundo Hispanico Ad Ops lead to create effective revenue streams from Both Direct and Programmatic Sources. 

Muhammad Waqar Akram CEO, Ad Energizer 

What Makes DFP the Best Ad Server

A few days back I was attending a webinar by an Ad network and the speaker said,

“If you are not using DFP as your Ad server believe me sooner or later you are going to shift so better switch to DFP now.

So what Makes DFP the Best Ad Server ? Lets find it out.

Easy to Manage

One of the most distinguishing feature of DFP is that it is very easy to use. As DFP is popular so many people have made great tutorials on DFP trafficking. You can get a grip on basics of DFP in just one week. I will highly suggest that you should search on YouTube and do some basic tutorials on DFP Management.

Dynamic Allocation

This is a feature which gives DFP edge over many other Ad Servers. ¬†Google Ad Exchange/ Adsense is a Big market place where many Large advertisers along with AdWords Advertisers bid for your inventory. Then the 2nd Highest Bid is chosen and presented to your inventory to compete with Other Ad Networks. For Publishers who don’t have Adx accounts, Adsense Dynamic Allocation is Higher Earnings¬†to give you better results as compared to other ad Servers.

Targeting Options in DFP

DFP gives a lot of control for targeting your ads to specific users. In addition to targeting specific ad units you can target

  1. Geography,
  2. Device Specifications
  3. Connection
  4. Custom Targeting

Out of these four first 3 are very straight forward, while Custom Targeting requires some extra work to do before you can use it and each of the above categories have many options in them. See the screenshot below.

DFP Targeting Options

Efficient Delivery of Ads

Google runs DFP which means great services, The delivery of ads is more efficient as compared to any other Ad Server. There are no down times which is great for your revenues.

No Ugly Default

I have been working with other ad servers as well, and some of them are notorious to show ugly default ads. These affiliate links to Ad server itself pay almost nothing and yet if your Ad Ops is not smart enough with ad serving. They will ruin user experience for some visitors.

However with DFP this is not the case, If you have Adsense enabled as Dynamic Allocation. All unsold inventory will go to Adsense Giving you Additional Revenue. Even if you don’t want to show adsense on some ad units. The Ad unit div will simply collapse to make website elements in line. This gives a very good user experience as compared to empty spots.


Forecasting features of DFP are great in terms that it help you plan your ad sales very accurately. You can get forecast of delivery and then you can easily price your inventory depending on demand partners you have.

Excellent Reporting

Last year DFP did a massive upgrade to its reporting. The Upgrade has virtually changed the product. Now you can get customized reports via your own queries. You can same them for later use, share them with other teams. You can also deliver sales report to advertisers via E-mail.

In Summary There are some great features bundled together in DFP, I will Highly recommend you, start using DFP now  because eventually you will be using it.

disclaimer : © 2016 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Adsense, Doubleclick and DFP are trademarks of Google Inc.

7 Ways to Improve your Ad Revenue Immediately

Many people simply believe that increasing traffic of their website is enough to increase your ad revenue. You do Search Engine Optimization to increase traffic, that surely increases your revenue. However there is another Optimization we call,  Ad Optimization is a great way to increase your ad revenue from your existing traffic, here are some techniques to optimize the ad revenue from your blog or website:

  1. Place ads Above The Fold :

Ads placed all over the website can’t be seen directly while opening any website. Ads in the prime spot have a great chance to be clicked. So, Place the ad above the fold to increase your ad revenue.

  1. Manage Ad size:

Using smaller ads have less chance of attracting visitors and being clicked. For AdSense, here are the sizes which work best:



-160*600 &


  1. Work with multiple ad networks:

Being dependent to a single ad network is not a good idea. Everyone knows how to choose best ad networks like trust-worthy, high paying, etc. So, choose some better ad networks and use them. While doing this, do not use Google AdSense to dynamically compete with those ad networks.


  1. Use AdSense for search:

There are many techniques offered by Google AdSense to optimize the ad revenue from any blog or website. In the same way, AdSense for search greatly helps to monetize and lets you offer custom search engine to your users. You can earn money when the users click to the relevant ads.

  1. Display Text and Image Ads together:

When you enable your ad agency to display both text and image ads together, there will be more number of ads which will compete to appear on your site. Enabling both text and image ads also increases CPM. So, in order to increase your ad revenue you should use both types of ads.

  1. Place Ads inside the posts:

When you place the ad inside content of your post, it’s sure to be viewed which results in increase of CPM of ad.  Add the ads whose color matches with the background of your website. Remember to maintain the space between content and ad not to violate AdSense policies.

  1. Increase your traffic:

Increasing your traffic is the most important task to increase your ad revenue. When rest of the ways are applied together with this point, you will get better results. Increment in unique visitors and increment in the number of page views leads to the increment in ad revenue.

Five Reasons Why You Should Start Using DFP

Millions of people around the world start creating business and thinking ways how to gain profit. They use social media as a serving platform to introduce their services or products. Advertising a product/service is very important to gain edge in the fields. Double Click for publishers (DFP) formerly called Google dart is advertisement software that can be use as an ad server but it also provide a sophisticated features for managing the sales of a certain ads. It is also free that enables publishers to manage and run their ads quickly and hassle free.  DFP network is where you define your inventory and create, manage, and report on your advertising campaigns.

Those who are beginning to receive request from different advertisers who wants to buy ad space on your website should try using this software. Even you are a Small or big websites working with multiple advertisers and you need consistent way to handle and deliver ads DFP would be great for you also If you want to start and serving ads with limited time, need a control over when, where, and to whom your ads deliver. There is no cost when signing up using DFP if you serve less than 90 millions of ads.

DFP offers complete features that would be on your advantage and help you to easily sell ads directly to advertisers should you decide to use Double Clicking for Publishers.

Advance Feature- Advance feature such as streamlined ad trafficking, Inventory management, revenue optimization and granular reporting. tTrafficking your entire ad networks, apps, games, and different sites.

Create once- Unlike other advertisement code, you can create a line item and insert it to your theme. You don’t always need to create and bother yourself with different codes because it could be handled by DFP interface itself.

Advance forecasting-Forecasting to give you a better sense on how many impressions you will have to sell to your direct advertisers.

Revenue optimization-one of the best features of DFp it allows you to Geo-target your ads.  It allows Google ad sense and Google ad exchange to compete against other networks in real-time, so you’ll get the most revenue and to maximize your revenue.

Time Saver- DFP help manage your ads website that’s why it give you more revenue yet giving you less effort and spending less  time.