Yield Optimization For Publishers in Google Ad Manager

Welcome to yield optimization by Ad Energizer. You’ve done your research, read blogs after blogs, articles after articles, you may even be an experienced Adops optimizer, but even if you’re not, for sure this can add insight to your optimization strategies. We have collected all the best practices and experience-based optimizations that worked best with all our clients, for you to focus only on the important parts and save time.

Quick introduction, yield optimization is a technique experts use to help drive higher revenue from your ad inventory. Mainly with data analysis, we can determine which inventories generate the most revenue, and which do not. From there, we learn and understand the key factors in which drive optimal profit for your campaign.

Basing on the fundamental solutions, we will focus on the details to help you understand and set things up differently whilst ensuring a boost in revenue and a fresh way to energize your campaign. Read more

How Appnexus CEO explains Header Bidding

In today’s Online Advertisement , Header Bidding is the newest hot topic, yet some publishers don’t understand how header bidding can help increase their revenue. Therefore someone asked on quora, How would you explain header bidding to kid. That was an interesting question and appnexus CEO Brian O’Kelley gave a beautiful answer to that. So here it is how ceo of appnexus explains header bidding:

Hey kiddo, you know those ads you see sometimes? It seems like they just appear when you’re playing games or watching videos. What really happens is quite complex. Let me tell you the story of how Google used its monopolistic control of the publisher ad server to prevent fair and open access to ad inventory, and how a brave group of independent ad tech companies created an open source alternative called header bidding that put control back in the hands of publishers. No, come back, I swear this is interesting…

Brian O’Kelley CEO Appnexus,


That was an interesting answer, there was another one which caught our attention

Imagine you’re buying candy. And every time you give the shop keeper some money to get the candy, another kid behind the counter (probably the shop keeper’s son!) pays for the candy instead and takes it out of your hand. You get no candy.

Now imagine if you could jump over the counter and shove your money directly into the cash register, then bite open the candy bar before the shop keeper’s son had a chance to get in the way. That’s header bidding.

Ari Paparo, CEO Beeswax.com


So I decided to write my take on this question,

Hey kid you know Google had all the kids come at its door, so It got to know the choices of all kids and he gave them all kinds of candies only form the flavors it Had.

Then The warriors came to free the kids, they decided that each kid can go to any door they want to try the flavors others had.

Muhammad Waqar Akram CEO Ad Energizer


What is your take on this question? Share it with us or ponder over it with your team to have a change of mood.

Mundo Hispano chooses Ad Energizer for Ad Ops collaboration

As you may already know that famous Latino Newspaper and Website  Mundo Hispanico was sold by Cox Media Group to  Mundo Hispano Digital Network (MHDN), a tech-focused media company created to serve the growth and needs of the US Latino community through its digital and written content, publishing reach and social media network.

Rene Alegria , the Arizona native was named President and CEO of the Mundo Hispano Digital Network (MHDN). First Motion International has the responsibility for web development of this new acquisition. First Motion International interviewed Ad Energizer CEO Muhammad Waqar Akram for Ad Ops team of Mundo Hispanico.

Later Ad Energizer was hired on upwork for Prebid setup, DFP Optimization, Amazon A9 Set up and General Ad Ops.

In a press release Ad Energizer Muhammad Waqar Akram welcomes the new client:

We welcome Mundo Hispanico in AD Energizer Family. We will try to implement effective Ad Ops strategy developed in collaboration with First Motion International and Internal Ad Ops team of Mundo Hispanico. We will work together with Mundo Hispanico Ad Ops lead to create effective revenue streams from Both Direct and Programmatic Sources. 

Muhammad Waqar Akram CEO, Ad Energizer 

5 Best 2015 Ad Networks

If you are one of those who owns a blog or a website, then chances are great that you can make some good income aside from the traditional methods. The specific thing I am talking about is to monetize your blog/website and turn it into a cash generating machine by placing simple ads on your website. While most of the web owners use Google AdSense as the best alternative to showcase ads and generate income from PPC, there are still some other ad networks out there which can give you considerable options to increase your cash flow easily. In case you might consider monetizing your blog or website, why not consider using a combination of available ad networks to see which ones suits you the best? So, for this reason, here I present to you 5 best 2015 Ad networks by using which you can monetize your online domain and make some good cash by PPC, CPC, and CPM compensation types. So let’s begin exploring these Ad networks.

5 Best 2015 Ad Networks

Google AdSense

Let there be no doubt of superiority and excellence of this program. Founded by the web searching king Google, AdSense is continually the world’s most utilized and acclaimed Ad networks to date. But being the most recognized, Google AdSense has some of its own standards as well that are far complicated than those of its furthest competitors. While Google AdSense pays some good compensation and ease of approval as well, yet, it is almost impossible to retrieve back your AdSense account once it got banned by Google for any reason (and the service has a history of banning accounts often). Plus, it’s hard to get a satisfactory customer service from AdSense (which is unlike other networks). But on the whole, if you get to maintain your AdSense account properly, you can be sure of getting some good monthly case from your monetized blog or site. Here are details for payment and Ad types by Google AdSense:

  • Compensation – CPC
  • Minimum Payment – $10
  • Advertisement Format – Videos & Display Ads
  • Payment Method – Direct Bank Deposit


It is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant Ad networks among the 5 best 2015 Ad networks. BuySellAds.com provides you the maximum feature and utilities for publishing ads and to managing ads in such a ways to get more exposure. It has an easy admin panel, with options for you to reject/approve ads on your preferences. Plus, you can now target specific places and audiences with the monetization which BuySellAds.com provides you. Let’s see what credential are there in BuySellAds.com:

  • Advertisement Format – Text ads, image ads, promoted tweets, feed ads, videos, banner, etc.
  • Compensation – PPC, CPC, CPM
  • Payment Method – PayPal and Wire Transfer
  • Minimum Payment – Payments are given by percentage. Service pays 25% of all income generated from clicks.


Although, a good Ad network but this service is very limited in regards to accepting submissions. AdBlade is usually recommended for larger websites and blogs due to this reason. They have specific sizes and shapes available for ads which they place such as 300px X 250px rectangle shape and 728px X 90px leaderboard shape. Additionally, your website needs to have high organic traffic in order to join hands with AdBlade service. So, for those who are just beginning in online business and doesn’t have enough traffic on their domains, AdBlade is not the service for them. But still here are the details about AdBlade:

  • Compensation – CPM, CPC
  • Payment Minimum – $100
  • Organic Traffic Requirements – 500, 000 monthly views
  • Payment Methods – CPM and CPC


Our final website monetizing service among the 5 best 2015 Ad networks is the very competitive Conversant Ad service. This service is plainly a rival to such profound networks like Google AdSense and Media.net. They have a very comprehensive program and high quality of service for their publishers. Although there is a meager requirement of at least 3, 000 unique page views per month for the applicant sites, you should prepare yourself for a bit of restricted selective measures by the service. Additionally, Conversant would take it much longer to approve the controversial type of content in their manual process so make sure you are clean and clear without prejudice. But on the whole, the details of Conversant are quite appealing, check them out below:

  • Minimum Payment – $25
  • Advertisement Format – Display Ads
  • Payment Methods – Direct Deposit, Check, and PayPal
  • Compensation – CPM and CPC

So, which of these services from 5 best 2015 Ad networks will you use to monetize your website/blog? Let us know in the comments


Media.net is an Ad network that places ads on your website/blog. Additionally, this services has easier requirements for anyone to join their network and place their ads on the site. This service have their own in-house publication system as well as they have joined hands with Bing and Yahoo! Ad networks which give them wide exposure online. When it comes to managing the ads on the domain, Media.net provides the user with its dedicated dashboard and full-features from where you can easily manage all of the ads on the site. On the details of payment and processes of Media.net, following are its credentials:

  • Compensation – CPC Only
  • Minimum payment – $1
  • Payment methods – PayPal and Wire Transfer
  • Advertisement Format – Display Ads

So, with all these simple arrangements, I believe Media.net is worthy of consideration.